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    Acrobat Pro 2017 will not load on MacOS (user specific)


      Hoping someone can think of something I haven't tried.


      This is for MacOS 10.14 (mojave).  Adobe Acrobat Pro 2017 is running, I can get into preferences from the drop down menu on the top and can close it out, etc.  But, I can't see any other screens.  I don't get the intro screen with the options to load or create a new pdf.  I can open pdf's but they never appear.  I can view them with preview though.  It basically looks as though he's using a second monitor and it's being sent to a monitor out of view (this is not the problem. But, that's what it looks like)


      I have uninstalled and reinstalled, no luck.  I logged in as a different user and the issue does not persist.  PDF's load fine this way.  So, I deleted a few adobe folders in the users Library folder so it would force to create it all new.  That did not work.


      Weirdest thing is that I decided to login as root, I changed his profile folder to "user.old" and then had him sign in again.  And, with a fresh profile, it STILL does not work.  I logged in as 3 other users and confirmed that it DID work for those, though.  What would cause that?