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    Show constant timeline in reference monitor


      Hello to all the people!


      Been in this forum so many times that I lost count a long time ago (like most of you, I guess).


      But I cant find the answer on this one.


      I run a three monitor setup, two of them for more workspace and one with a Black Magic Design Decklink card wich let me output a clean signal when working in Davinci Resolve.


      PROBLEM: I would like the "program" monitor window to constantly being shown on my reference monitor (the one connected thru the Decklink card), but this is not the case. Everytime im going to the "source window" to put new material on the timeline my reference monitor shows that material instead, same thing when clicking on footage in the "Bin".


      Is there any way to get this setup going like I want it to?


      Thanks for your time!