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    Compiled clip

    Loveanie Level 1

      I have many Flash and ActionScipt books and I have never heard of Compiled Clips.

      I was reading the Flash certification preparation exam and there is a question about it. The answer is that "Compiled clips appear and publish much faster than regular movie clips". I searched in my books and found nothing about it. Searched in Flash help, and everywhere I saw compiled clips, it was talking about components too.

      So, the question is : should we always use compiled clips (to make it faster) or just in case we build components? If we should always use it, when do we turn our movie clip into compiled clips: just after we know we won't change anything (and if we do, recompile it again) or does it updates itself when we modify the movie clip?

      I believe if it was so important, I would see it somewhere in a book... but the Adobe affirmation got me confused...

      Thanks for your replies...
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          What the!? Are people avoiding clip compiling questions or something?

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            kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            you're not likely to get much help because the flash components are known to cause many problems and almost certainly have been developed by coders with more experience than you.  so, it's no surprise and not very interesting that you're having problems with your components.


            also, there's not much anyone that's interested could do to help you.  they would need to decompile all the compiled clips to see which are causing the conflict(s) and that would be a lot of work and very time consuming unless you only had a few lines of code total in the clips that conflict.

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              Dark1ne Level 1

              Waittaminute, waittaminute. You said that they would decompile the compiled clips to look for problems in code.... but I'm telling you that there is little to no code in these clips and any code used so far is for animation only; they are simple lines in the top layer of each clip. They will work fine if there is only one compiled clip, but will sometimes not work if there are several.


              So in essence you're telling me that nobody here knows even one alternative to working with large movies, or clips? Am I to pity this forum or the developers, because that seems a little unreasonable.

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                kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                don't worry about it.  you'll get lots of help.  just be patient.