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    External FLV plays choppy

      Hi everyone,

      I'm pretty new to working with FLV files and I'm running into a little issue. I have a FLV file on my server and I am playing it from a SWF. On higher speed internet connections it plays fine but when I use a medium speed connection such as a 256 Kbps DSL the video plays very choppy. Of course this is expected because the data can't download as fast as it is playing but if I pause the video and let it buffer for a while, when I resume play, the video is still choppy.

      When I use this slower speed connection (which is at work) with a site such as YouTube, I have to pause the video a wait for it to buffer before I can view it seamlessly, but once it is buffered it plays fine. Such is not the case with my video.

      Any ideas on a solution to this?