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    First queued animation is not played properly in bonesPlayer

    pachash Level 1
      Folks, could you please tell me what can be causing the very first queued animation(without looping) not to be played properly in bonesPlayer?

      It looks like the very first frame of it is played but not the rest of the animation. What's more interesting is the fact that consequent queued _same_ animations are played fine, thus the animation itself is not broken obviously. This weird effect also doesn't show up when animation is looped.

      I tried to investigate this problem by setting #animationStarted, #animationEnded hooks and it turned out that when #animationStarted handler is called the local time of the first animation(passed to the handler) is not 0 but way further of its actual duration(in my case it always around 1735 while animation's length is 667). So it just stops right after the beginning.

      Of course, I call playNext() before adding my animation to the queue and current bones player's playlist is empty for sure.

      I'm using Director MX with animations exported from Maya.

      Thanks in advance.