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    Acrobat Pro 2017 Mac-software crashes after 10-20 seconds


      I bought Acrobat Pro 2017 as a download last month. The software starts but, within 10-20 seconds, crashes. This happens if I: a) click on a pdf link in an email; b) open a pdf in Finder; or, c) just open the program. I have looked at numerous threads with similar problems, but have not found the answer.


      I have uninstalled and reinstalled. Rebooted after reinstallation. Both OS (Mojave 10.14.1) and Acrobat are up to date. I looked in the Library/Preference file for Acrobat pro. All I found was Acrobat DC.


      I previously had what Abode informed me was a pirated version of Acrobat. I deleted that before I installed the real version the first time.