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    Real folder with 2 files, Lr shows duplicates

    Nexus 6

      Ok so, this is not the first time it happens, and its been like this for more than a year so it's not an issue of the last version, it happens on this PC and also on my 2 PCs at home. The folder in Pc with, in this case, 2 files, Lightroom shows 6 files, and it shows 6 files because I ask for synchronized folder and each time I do that Lr adds another thumbnail of the file.
      I already purge the cache, restart and the result is the same

      Lightroom Interface


      Folder on PC



      Anyone with this problem??? It's not happening all the time but from time to time Lr does these

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          Nexus 6 Level 1

          By the way, it is happening on legal applications, I have CC subscription since it starts Adobe CC

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            cmgap Adobe Community Professional

            Can you turn on badges in View Options? Are the +4 images virtual copies? Menu > View > View Options > Show Thumbnail Badges

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              Nexus 6 Level 1

              Thank you for the reply but no, these are not virtual copies. This is an error that occurs from time to time randomly.
              The solution I found is, Delete the images but instead of delete from disk choose, Remove, and they do the import again, usually, this error doesn't repeat again in those images. According to a search I made an hour ago on the web this was already reported and is a problem with catalog corruption but no one knows why this happens I just posted to see if anyone know how to solve since is ridiculous to have to import all files again

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                richardplondon Level 4

                In the event that you have a corrupted Catalog structure, and don't want to start going back through older and older backups, one technique is to make a brand new empty Catalog, and then use "Import from Catalog"to cleanly merge in and re-index all the contents from that current Catalog (to be clear, this does not involve any need to import the images directly from disk).


                This is safe to try since in itself it makes absolutely no change to your images on disk, nor to your current Catalog as it stands.


                The merge process brings in your Collections, as well as all the individual images in their folders complete with their keywords, edits and History. You will need to have LR re-create previews, and you will lose some infrastructure (such as, any Publish services or Creative Cloud synchronising you've set up).


                Some Catalog Settings may need to be set anew, to match the way you have been accustomed to work. And if you had got "store presets with Catalog" checked, then those would now need to be moved or copied into the right named location so as to connect onto this new Catalog.


                A little caution is needed when using these two Catalogs, since they each refer separately to the same lot of shared source images on disk. But simply ceasing use of, and ultimately deleting, the corrupted Catalog and its related subfolders, is all the cleanup that you'd need to carry out.

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                  davidg36166309 Level 4

                  In your screenshot, we have do idea if sub-folders exist. But anyhow.


                  Right click on an image, select "Go to folder in Library". Do this for each one, same folder each one?


                  And when did you optimize catalog last?


                  And whats with all the auto import? Is you sync auto importing? making a new folder or sub-folder, just compounding the issue?

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                    SeanMcCormack Adobe Community Professional

                    This looks like a really old bug from way back that was fixed. The steps you mention sounds exactly like what was in my old bug report. What version of Lightroom are you using?