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    Windows 10 1809 update, Office 365, Acrobat DC - PDFMaker not working in Word and Word only

    estelledc Level 1



      Windows got updated to 1809 yesterday, along an Office 365 update. There was an Acrobat DC update as well a bit earlier (2019.008.20081). All the softwares are up to date at the date of this writing.


      So, after applying the 1809 update, PDFMaker stopped working in Word. The Acrobat ribbon is there, the buttons inside are grayed out. File > Save as Adobe PDF is grayed out as well. In Word (1810, build 11001.20108). It works as usual in Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook.


      I removed the addin, added it back (Word launched as admin). I uninstalled Acrobat DC and reinstalled it. The issue is still there.


      Weirdly, my laptop is unaffected. Same software versions.


      Any idea how to get PDFMaker to activate and work again?


      Thanks folks!




      Word > Export > Create Adobe PDF ain't grayed out, but when trying to create a PDF from there, Word crashes saying it is running into problems with the pdfmaker.officeaddin and offers to disable it.