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    Lightroom Book Module Problems in CC Classic Version 8

    kp78070172 Level 1

        Short Story.  there are significant problems with the Book module in the CC Classic release 8.  Use an earlier version or once you start a Book, don’t touch photos in the Develop module. 


      I use the Classic version on Windows.  After the recent release of version 8, I began experiencing major problems.  When I left the Book module to do any editing in the Develop module, then returned to the Book module, one or more of the photos I had placed in the book was no longer visible.  It was not always the photo I had edited.  I tried to resolve the problem by using another Windows laptop and another disk drive with the same catalog.  I had the same unwanted result. 

      The Adobe Help staff took over my computer and produced the same result (three technicians during three sessions).  During the first 3 sessions, despite “escalation” of my “issue” to end the session and uploading several copies of my catalog, they never seemed willing to believe that the Lightroom software could be at fault.  At their suggestion, I restarted my book from scratch several times.  Each of the first three sessions had the same unsuccessful and frustrating results.  My problem was escalated a third time and after about a week I did receive a call and email.  I called back only to find they had no solution for the escalated problem.  Every session was starting from square one.  During the last session, a young lady helper took over my computer and again re-produced the problem.  Unlike the others techs, she tried something new.  She hinting that other users were having problems with the Book module since the release of 8.0 version.  She uninstalled the newest version and reinstalled version 7.3. That seems to have eliminated my problems.  In total, I was on the phone over 4 hours during the sessions (not counting hold time).