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    Video Glitches Back to Beginning, Audio Out of Sync

    mikep13649087 Level 1

      I'm having a weird issue in Premiere 2019 lately and downgrading back to 2018 didn't solve it. When I import .MOV footage (and even when I encode it to .MP4 H.264) the first part of the clip will play fine, then the video will "cut" and start playing the first part of the clip again. Or it will play fine and briefly flicker to another point in the clip. The audio goes on as it should, making it out of sync with the video. I have no idea why this is happening or any way of fixing it.



      As you can see in the video, the audio is in sync with the video, then the video loops back to the beginning. As you can see, no cuts have been made. This is happening both with the original .MOV and ..MP4 converted files.


      Any help would be appreciated!