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    Load Images from File: ADL vs ADT

      I am implementing a slide show player in AIR. This is a request for help regarding the dynamic loading and display of images retrieved from the local filesystem.

      I find that when I run my AS3 script in Flash 9 using ADL (i.e. Debug Movie) that I can use a Loader object to load images from the local filesystem (var imgFile:File = File.userDirectory();) without a problem. When I then generate an AIR application and run the app that no images can be loaded from any location other than the applicationDirectory or the applicationStorageDirectory. The applicationDirectory resolves to the zip file that is the AIR app so that is useless for this project.

      If I do the work to move images to the applicationStorageDirectory and then refer to them using the app-storage:/ url scheme, the images load and display. This is less than optimal for performance and management reasons.

      What is the means or method required to load and display images found in the userDirectory (or the documentsDirectory)?

      Thanks in advance for any assistance in this most perplexing matter.