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    Lightroom 6 Install


      I have the standalone download version of LR6 and had to install new version Windows 10 so need to reinstall LR.  I have the current link to download the program, downloads and extracts fine but when initializing install it seems to get hung up at end.  Then bar looks like finished and should start install but just disappears instead.  Does not show any error code, just gone.  I've tried removing download and downloading again, restarting computer, checking for Windows updates, etc. many times over many days and always same exact issue.  I've made sure no other programs running, all external drives removed, etc. My computer does meet requirements for LR6.  Any ideas or need to contact help?  Thanks!

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          Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

          Probably some type of permissions problem. LR is trying to write files to some folder that your username does not have the proper permissions to.

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            Renee536 Level 1

            I went in and added the write, modify, etc permissions to my user on the computer, restarted, and still no change.  Is there something specific or a specific place I should be checking for permissions?  Thanks for the response!

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              davidg36166309 Level 4

              Have you tried logging on as Administrator and running the install?


              Note, if you logged in Windows with your user account as opposed to the Administrator account, and your user account has administrator rights, that may not be exactly the same as logging on as administrator (some quirks)


              You might also try, before logging out as user then logging in as administrator, try running the install as administrator (but its a pretty old application, might not work that way)