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    losy images after importing Word document into RoboHelp 7 HTML

    Pet3689 Level 1
      We imported a simple Word document into RoboHelp 7 HTML, as a new project (from scratch).

      Everything worked out pretty well (afterall, this was just a simple Word document), and we expect to have to tweak the styles, etc. That is understood.

      However, the images that were embedded in the Word document (as opposed to saved to disk, and only linked to the Word document) do not look very nice in the RoboHelp 7 HTML project topics.

      When we browse to the iamge folder, and view the actual image files, these images do not look too bad. But in the Design View, the images have display issues (solid color bars on the sides/top/bottom of the images). When we compile to a Single Source Layout (except PDF), the images look fine again. When we create Printed Documentation, even for the best PDF-settings, the images look terrible -- smudgy, like low resolution quality).

      1) Except for storing the images outside of the Word document before importing, and then manually linking them back into the imported RoboHelp HTML files, is there a way to maximize the quality of the imported Word images in RoboHelp HTML?

      2) Why doe the images look worse in Printed Documenation (PDF), even for the highest PDF settings, than for the other Single Source Layouts?

      While I am typing, I realized that we should try to include the images in Word via a link to the image files on disk. Perhaps then RoboHelp will not actually modify the image files during import. I will report back about this one.

      Your help will be greatly appreciated!