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    Video Will not Import


      I just paid for Creative Cloud in order to be allowed to edit videos with iphone videos. Despite this, a few of my videos are still coming up with error messages saying there is not audio or video in the file. I know this is not the case because when I open them on my computer they play just as fine as all of the others. I need these videos to work in order to get this project done.


      Any ideas how I can make it work?

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          shivangg Adobe Employee

          Hi megans,


          Sorry to hear about your issue. I understand that whenever you try to import any video shot from iPhone, it gives you an error.

          Please share the following information to troubleshoot the issue better:


          • Which version of Adobe Premiere Pro are you using?
          • Where have you saved the media file?
          • Please share the system specifications as well.
            1. Operating System
            2. RAM
            3. GPU
            4. Processor


          Additionally, please try importing the media file via media browser. Import with the Media Browser |


          Hope we can assist!




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