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    Encoder for Premiere Pro 2015.3

    Indie767 Level 1

      Since there is no longer a compatible version of Media Encoder for my version of PP 2015.3, can someone recommend a good 3rd party encoder? I'm thinking Sorenson. 



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          shivangg Adobe Employee

          Hi Indie,


          You don't need any other software. Why don't you use Adobe Premiere Pro for encoding the videos?

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          Let us know if it helps.




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            RjL190365 Level 5

            Unfortunately, this means that you're stuck without an encoder at all because CC 2015.3 - Premiere or Media Encoder - is now no longer available anywhere due to the change in the licensing agreement between Adobe and Dolby Laboratories involving intellectual material included in the software that had been released since 2014. And since the versions of Media Encoder (which Premiere Pro requires just to encode videos) must exactly match the version of Premiere Pro, your only choices now is to downgrade to the original 2013 version of Premiere Pro CC or to update to the 2017.1.4 or later versions (which all omit internal Dolby audio support).


            By the way, Media Encoder CC 2015.3 should have been installed as part of your original CC 2015.3 setup. But at some later date, you might have (unintentionally) uninstalled Media Encoder CC 2015.3, and there is now no way at all whatsoever to get it back.

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              Indie767 Level 1

              Hi Shivangi,


              I don't think PP has all the built in encoding formats like Media Encoder does. If PP does, then what is the purpose of Media Encoder?





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                Indie767 Level 1

                Thanks for this info. Windows crashed on my system and I had to reinstall that and all my programs so, I this explains why I don't have Media Encoder 2015.3. I suppose it is time to update to 2017. It has been my experience that updates result in less reliable performance. This is not necessarily an Adobe issue but more of a Windows issue, which, by and large, is an incredibly unstable OS for media software platforms. I hope 2017 is as stable on my system as 2015 has been.