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    Acrobat DC Pro crashing w/out error message...

    mlapolla Level 1

      I have uninstalled and reinstalled on root drive: I have uninstalled and reinstalled on secondary drive with more free space and the result is the same. Acrobat intermittently, but frequently, crashes when: 1) App window is expanded full screen (32" 3840 X 2160), 2) When creating a PDF portfolio, and, all of a sudden, opening PDFs from Bridge with a double-click rather than drag and drop or Shift + down arrow, either locks up Bridge or takes a long time to open.


      I am not having problems with InDesign, Illustrator, or other CC apps.


      I have exhausted the Forums re: resetting/adjusting preferences, etc.  Could it be plugins?


      Spent way too much time on this...HELP! thanks