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    FlexBuilder is causing problems

      My application was working fine from FlexBuilder till I ran a ant script and my flexBuilder gave some errors. Since then if I run the application from FlexBuilder itself, all I see is a blank screen. But if I do an ant build outside flex and deploy it separately on the server it worls fine. In simple words it works find on JBoss but doesn't work stand alone.

      Thats a serious prblem since I extensively use the FlexBuilder debugger. It had been running fine uptil this afternoon, when it started giving me problems. I have reverted the code to previous versions but to no avail. Have also uninstalled and reinstalled FlexBuilder but that was not much of a help either.

      Any advise would be helpful
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          cxf02 Level 1
          Check the project compiler settings in FLEXBuilder. Sounds like different compilers.
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            kilyas2007 Level 1
            what compiler configurations do you want me to look into. in the ant build I am using
            FLEX_HOME=C:\Program Files\Adobe\FlexBuilder2\Flex SDK 2

            I couldn't find any such setting in the FlexBuilder compiler. I am checking
            Project>properties>Flex Compiler

            and all I see is a few check boxes like enable warnings, generae accessible SWF file

            The only text field is compiler arguments and it has the default value of

            -locale en_US

            or is that I am missing something or am i at the wrong place?
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              cxf02 Level 1
              Sorry, I really meant SDK. Are you using FLEX 2 or 3? make sure you are using the same SDK for the whatever build technique you are using, either ant or eclipse.

              Project>properties>Flex Compiler should show the SDK version in eclipse. I could be wrong, but i believe FLEXBuilder 3 requires that you switch to 3.0 SDK for it to render correctly. Make sure the SDK's are the same when you compile.
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                kilyas2007 Level 1
                I am using FlexBuilder 2, however I don't see any SDK settings under Project>properties>flexCompiler.

                Please advise
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                  kilyas2007 Level 1
                  I think I have reached a little closer, and found what the problem is. However I have not yet been able to identify what the solution is. Under Project>properties>build path>Assets

                  The assets are not refreshing and are not showing some of the xml files.

                  Does anybody know how can I force a refresh on this. I could select a certain file only if it is being shown, so I deleted all these files under the project but its still showing the same. I have no clue where it keeps a copy of these or caches these files at?
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                    cxf02 Level 1
                    To get a clean build, place all your files and extra folders under src and then select project->clean and everything under your bin folder should be replaced. Sometimes files don't get replaced, and then you just need to copy them using the FLEX navigator.