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    Premiere 12.1.2 project opened in 13.0.1, r3d clip's audio channel issues

    geoffp7702666 Level 1

      I’ve installed Premiere CS 13.0.1 on my mac, and opening up a project file I’ve been working on in CS 12.1.2, my audio channels on my RED r3d footage has somehow been changed out on my sequences where the two audio channels I have with the corresponding r3d clip are both set on to channel 2  on the 'media source channel' box. See below


      The only fix I can see is going in there on the ‘audio channel’ option, and change out channel 1 from 2 back to channel 1 on clip 1 so that it’s back to how it was in my sequence in 12.1.2 with the audio channel setup is set to channel 1 and channel 2  ( fyi - one is a ‘lav mic’ and the other ‘shotgun mic’ recorded). I have a big project I'm editing  so to fix this issue for hundreds of clips in the my sequences would be extremely time consuming.


      Screen Shot 2018-11-19 at 10.29.08 AM.png



      I’m not sure why it’s doing that to only the r3d video clip's audio in the sequences but I assume that’s a Premiere issue on the latest update to Premiere. Of note too, the r3d clips in my project bin are fine as when I add them in again from there onto a  sequence, the audio channels are separated as they were recorded with their corresponding channels properly separated into channel 1 and 2 as they're supposed to be.


      Please advise otherwise with this glitch, i’ll be staying on 12.1.2 in the meantime to continue editing and working in until this issue is resolved which is not a big deal but hopefully this issue is resolved so that I can open up projects done in older versions of Premiere at some point without this happening. Thanks.