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    Sync settings based on content

    davidv79502107 Level 1

      Is there a way to sync settings across a selection of images based on content? For example, for candid birthday pary photos, I would like to start with auto WB and auto tone on the first image and then apply auto WB and auto-tone based on subject matter such that photos taken indoors would have WB and tone settings for each room and photos taken outdoors would be evaluated for tone in the shade, sun, etc. I'm looking for a way to change potentially hundreds of photos without having to click auto WB and auto tone on each one. These are by no means masterpieces where I would want to adjust each image individually but I don't want the exposure to change drastically for an image that doesn't need it just because the reference image did, even if two pics were taken in pretty much the same area but one is darker than the other or has weird colours, etc. if you know what I mean. For the ones that I might want to enhance further, I'm willing to start from auto settings or reset those image and start from scratch on it. I'm using the latest update to LR Classic CC.


      If this has been answered in another thread, please direct me to it and delete this one. Thanks.