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    Incorrect RoboHHRE.lng files in RH7 (?)

    perttime Level 1
      just a couple of issues I ran into, and fixed for my projects. I wonder if they are RH7 bugs or if they were caused by something in my environment.

      I am doing WebHelps in a lot of languages. I found that the Spanish help turned out mainly with Estonian texts (Contents, Index, etc). I managed to find lots of RoboHHRE.lng files, in the Program Files, and one of them actually seems to be Spanish, except one of the Search pane texts was missing (the one that was in Spanish in the mainly Estonian file...). So I replaced and edited the files in the help project, and things seem to work out fine.

      Another thing:
      In several languages, e.g. Scandinavian languages and Portuguese, some of the "special" characters appeared corrupted in the RoboHHRE.lng files (and in the generated WebHelp). I could easily fix the files in the projects, but it was an unexpected step.