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    HDR artifacts glitches

    Globee07 Level 1

      Hello Everyone!


      I have been noticing issues with merging HDR's in Lightroom CC lately. I have seen this issue in the past as well but only when one of the frames was really overexposed, however lately every single HDR I merge has this issue with some parts of the image, usually where different contrast areas meet. Water surfaces and sun shining on water really show this issue.


      Equipment and settings I use most of the time: Nikon D800 with the new Tamron G2 line (24-70mm and 70-200mm) , for HDRs I shoot 5 shots in total 1 steps apart from each other ( 1 correct exposure 2 shots under and 2 shots overexposed )


      All the photos are untouched before merging, same results with .NEF and .DNG format too

      And this is what I can find on every combined HDR shot.





      Any idea why this is happening and how could I avoid it? This practically make HDR merge unusable for me


      Thanks a lot in advance!


      (forgot to mention that I do only take HDR shots with a stable tripod and a remote release)