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    Code beautifier for MXML and ActionScript?

      How do people reformat ugly code in FlexBuilder? I can eaisly format my Java, JSP, and XML in the same Eclipse environment, but why not MXML and ActionScript? I am very surprised this feature is missing. It's quite common that I copy code snippets from somewhere to FlexBuilder which are not well formatted.
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          I completely agree. It seems strange that all the Eclipse 'free as in beer' editors do excellent code formatting and have quite well developed code completion. Yet this very expensive plugin cannot even manage basic code formatting and has, to be perfectly honest, pretty lame code completion.
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            Hey guys, Be patient...

            Don't forget the years of Java development that have advanced Eclipse, not counting the 40 mil or so in prior development that IBM donated when they ported and open sourced their Visual Age product line. I used VA it back in 96 and it was slow and clunky, and never would have sold against Borland's Java products.

            I'm sure the decision was consciously made by Adobe product management to get core feature functionality out and concentrate on other stuff for the next release.

            The FLEX team has done a great job and for some who have ever been under their delivery schedule for the size of this undertaking, many can appreciate how well they have done.

            Also, considering that many eclipse plugins that are free are worth what you pay for them (I have tested quite a few), the paltry $700 bucks for FLEX and the fact that it has a great debugger and profiler makes it worth it.

            One final opinion, no matter what anyone says, software is not free. You pay in time, learning curve, more time, and sometimes, just plain old tail chasing!

            I'm not really being critical, both of you have valid points, just be patient, they'll get there.
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              No, the formatting is just plain lame, and detracts from what is otherwise a very fine product