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    Batch photo tagging in Lightroom Classic CC


      I would like to move my photos to different folders on my computer based on the person in that photo. I would prefer to use this program so I can go through each of my photos, one by one, and quickly tag the photo myself. At the end, I would have different "albums" of photos based on the tags that I created,  that I can then export to a destination on my computer.


      How can I do that using this program?

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          john beardsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You don't, or you do it the slow way by dragging and dropping them.


          Keep adding keyword tags and put your time into doing that. Remember too that a photo might contain more than one person, which works fine with keywords but not when you try to use folders. So add those keywords, and use collections and smart collections to have folder-like groupings.


          Use folders simply for storage and physical security (ie backup/restore) of your images, keywords and other metadata for categorising what's in them, and collections for collecting and gathering.

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            Lumigraphics Adobe Community Professional

            I shoot landscape and professional models, so my photos are organized by date in folders. I import in place and save from Photoshop into folders that are either by model/job or by location.


            I don't use either keywords or collections. So yes, you can do what you want. Its easiest to organize folders first then import in place but you can certainly move things around within LR.