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    Am I missing something obvious? Consolidate selected clips to project folder.

    Trevor_Asq Level 4

      We have many external drives of archive that we dip into. Also use Google Drive for SFX/Music etc.

      Easiest way to browse & find sections to use is to import into PP and use source window, even preview it cut in directly from the drives onto the timeline.


      I'd like an elegant solution to copy the media used (with an option to consolidate with handles) to the local Raid, in our regular folder structure.


      Currently I mostly 'reveal in finder' and copy and then 'make offline' and 'link media' - but not ideal.


      I can use Project management, but it will try and copy all media for the selected timeline - and doesn't obey folder structure, so requires management after the fact.


      Ideally it would be a right click on selected clip(s), in the project window or the timeline, and would be a 'copy/transcode/consolidate' option - maybe with an option to ignore files already on that drive/in that parent folder.


      Thanks for any pointers