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    PP displays two dialogue boxes before timeline appears...

    danielc60550995 Level 1


      Many thanks for reading this!


      I have two smallish issues (apart from the regular suddenly crashing that happens every few minutes and the huge amount of time it takes for PP2019 to start up).


      I have searched for answers so apologies if this is covered elsewhere.


      Two dialogue boxes appear before the timeline appears:



      I'm told that a list of transitions are missing even though they are definitely there as I use them regularly!


      Video Transition missing:  Impact Blur Dissolve

      Video Transition missing:  Impact Push

      Video Transition missing:  Impact Rays

      Video Transition missing:  Impact Wipe

      Video Transition missing:  Impact Zoom Blur




      I'm then told that a whole list of media items (mostly png, jpg), supposedly in Dropbox, aren't there.

      I don't understand two things:

      1. why PP is wanting to find these files because they aren't in my asset bin or timeline.

      2. I have had no media items in Dropbox since Summer 2017.


      Is there a way of stopping PP looking for files that aren't there in places that don't exist?


      Very many thanks for any help.



      In case it helps I'm using:


      PP CC 2019: Version 13.0.1 (Build 13)

      Windows 10 Home 64bit

      Dell XPS8900 BIOS 2.4.0

      Processor Intel Core i7-6700 CPU 3.40GHz (8CPUs) 3.4GHz

      RAM 32768MB

      GPU GeForce GTX745 (Driver 416.94)