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    Adobe Flash Installer bug. It loads Microsoft Browser.

    steveb4403671 Level 1

      I am fed up with this bug, but there does not seem to be a report bug method to gather the attention of Adobe.


      I do not use Microsoft Browsers and haven't for about 15 years.

      This bug has persisted through different versions of Windows and releases of Flash Player.


      The Adobe updater runs when I start up and asks me if I want to download the Flash Player update.


      It then loads the Adobe page through my system Browser, in my case Opera.


      I then proceed with the download, kill the browser and install the update.


      When the  update finishes, without fail it always loads a Microsoft Browser to display to the Adobe success page.


      If one part of the Adobe update process works correctly, there is no reason the other part should not, bar lazy programming and testing.


      How do we get Adobe to fix it?