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    copy paste and/or sync does not work consistently with many files.

    Lorne Resnick


      Basically copy/paste (or sync) over large numbers of images works, well, inconstantly - at best. I am running desktop Lightroom Classic cc v 8.0


      The entire issue is well described many places on the internet including here.




      https://feedback.photoshop.com/photoshop_family/topics/applying-auto-tone-to-a-batch-of-ph otos-loses-subsequent-develop-settings




      Basically, I can copy/paste (or auto sync) over 10-20 images - no issue. More than that, forget it, it just does not work.


      It seems the sync only works if I can actually see the image in the single or thumbnails view.


      I have...


      -restarted Lightroom and the mac (High Sierra)


      -trashed the prefs


      -Synced and let it sit for days


      -rebuilt the thumbnails.


      I cannot do the copy paste 10 images at a time, as I have a folder with 10,000+ images I need to process.


      I have been using Lightroom since inception and this "procedure" used to work perfectly before.