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    LR - Photo Booth?

    philipW99 Level 1

      Why does Lightroom insert xmp tags setting my photos with a category of "Photo Booth"? This is in both jpg files and sidecar files for raw images.


      I'm trying to figure out how to convert a 90K+ ACDSee database to lightroom. As part of that process I'm trying to see how the import to Lightroom actually works and for that I imported a single folder with about 1000 images in it and then took a look at the metadata and saw that in every case "Photo Booth" had been inserted as a category. vis:




        <rdf:li>Photo Booth</rdf:li>




      Does anyone know what this is about?


      Thanks for your help.



      P.S. "Phot Booth" is not a category, or anything else, I've used in ACDSee

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          johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

          In LR, "Photo Booth" is called a keyword (or keyword tag).   Two possibilities:


          1. "Photo Booth" exists in the photos' metadata prior to importing into LR. It could be stored in the fields IPTC:Keywords, XMP:Subject, or XMP:HierarchicalSubject.  The free ExifTool utilty is the most authoritative tool for examining file metadata.  This command line will show you all the fields in a file:


          exiftool -a -G filename


          2. You have a metadata preset being applied during Import that assigns the keyword to the imported photos. To troubleshoot this, do an import of fresh photos never-before-imported into LR, setting Apply During Import > Metadata to None:


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            philipW99 Level 1

            Thanks for the advice. I've had a trawl around the data and discovered that "Photo Booth" was a tag in IPTC keywords. Not sure where it came from but most likely something I used about 5 years ago and thought I had got rid of. Thanks again.

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              johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

              Glad you identified the problem.