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    Binding volume control to a custom video player only works for the first movie

      Hey All,

      Description pretty much says it all. Attaching an audio controller to a NetStream object every time a video is loaded. The control only works for the first video being played. When you click to play a second video the volume control no longer works.

      Some code:

      AudioControl Class:

      // attachSound

      * Attaches the sound of a netstream object to this movieclip
      public function attachSound( ns : NetStream ) : Void
      trace("AudioControl : attachSound");

      _soundContainer = null;
      delete _soundContainer;
      _soundContainer = createMovieClip("_soundContainer");

      // Attach the audio to this movieClip

      // Set the sound
      _sound = null;
      delete _sound;
      _sound = new Sound(_soundContainer);