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    Problem exporting Synonyms keyword

    antoineb47595288 Level 1

      Hello all of you,


      I've been looking for hours now a solution and I'm stuck...

      To go quick :

      I Import a photo with already keywords in it

      I go in the keyword list, I add one synonym and I tick "Include on Export" and "Export Synonyms"

      If I go in the Keywording Panel and instead of looking "Enter Keywords", I'm looking at "Will export", I see my synonyms

      I click on the photo, I do "Save metadata to file"

      I open the file with other software : Photoshop, Bridge, My own website and the synonym doesn't appear...

      If I do the same with new keyword it works.

      I've other problem, but this is the main one...


      If anyone could have a solution it will be wonderful because I don't have one image, I have 10 000 images with thousands of keywords.


      Thank you very much for your help,




      P.S : Configuration : Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC Classic 8.0 / Mac Book Pro 2017 - 16 Gb RAM -  MAC OS X Mojave