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    FABridge.addInitializationCallback not working on IE7

      I have a jsp page with two swf files that are initialized using the Adobe Flash Detection script 1.6
      I am also using the FABridge.js to communicate with the swf files from javascript.

      I have two problems

      1) The FABridge.addInititializationCallback method never works on IE7.
      If I register a handler on IE7 the callback NEVER gets called. The same code runs fine on FF2

      2) The display of the swf on the page is not 100% reliable. 90% of the time the swf initializes and displays correctly but 10% of the time it doesn't display. If I reload the page then usually it fixes the problem.
      I find it is more reliable on FF2 than on IE7 though occassionally it fails on FF2 as well.

      I have tried adding delays using setTimeout to the swf initialization code etc but so far nothing has really helped.

      Any ideas or suggestions?