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    Drag & Drop not working!

      hello everybody!
      I' ve been trying the last 2 days to find out why the following doesn' t work:

      on (press) {
      var xcor = _parent.drag_book1._x;
      var ycor = _parent.drag_book1._y;
      on (release) {
      if (_parent.drag_book1._droptarget == _parent.drop_book1) {
      _parent.drag_book1._x = _parent.drop_book1._x;
      _parent.drag_book1._y = _parent.drop_book1._y;
      } else {
      _parent.drag_book1._x = xcor;
      _parent.drag_book1._y = ycor;

      This is not the first time i' ve been using the drag & drop function! It is, though, my first time using it in such depth of mcs! Both mcs are in the same level & the button that carries the above action is inside the drag mc. No matter what i do, the drag mc keeps returning to initial spot (function doesn' t seem to recognise the drop area).

      Any idea?
      Thanks :)