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    Is being offline going to be a problem?

    unknownsailor Level 1

      I live and travel on a boat and am frequently offline. My next trip will have me offline for two months or longer.


      Recently I tried to open Pr and was asked for my login details. I can't remember the exact course of events but because I was not online it told me I was on a trial version. I pay the full subscription for the entire Adobe suite. Since then I'm back online and logged into Adobe Creative suite once more, but what happens when I'm next offline? More to the point, if it sends me onto a trial version and I can't log in for two months, what happens then?


      Is Adobe really checking my online status every once in a while? Why is it doing this when I have the full Adobe subscription? How do I avoid this?

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          rodneyb56060189 Level 4

          hmmm. That's a tricky problem.


          Due to personal reasons ( don't want win 10 to update automatically and stop my workflow, don't want editing computer on internet due to security issues, don't want to have to 'check in' to anyone to use a program legally, etc. ) I don't use adobe subscription. I use the old last boxed version of CS6 and now I'm using davinci resolve ( as it supports newer source material stuff and camera profiles and color work and so on ).


          I really like CS6 for what I usually do (which is fairly simple editing of full HD only ).


          Your situation ( and those situations in rural America where there simply IS NO INTERNET ) is a bit different than me. If you sailed from CA to Tahiti, stopping along the way etc., it would take time and probably would be difficult at some slips or moorings to get internet, so there are similarities to those who simply don't live where the internet is present or reliable.


          If you already know how to edit basic stuff then you can pick up resolve for free and the manual with tutorial (published by black magic) and just learn the UI and menus and tool locations (icons, etc.) to get into it pretty quickly. So you can update your subscription for Adobe internet 'hand shaking' when able, but if your are stuck without editor for a month or something you can use resolve.


          I'm assuming your equipment can handle the system requirements.


          I'm sure other people will have nice suggestions.

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            unknownsailor Level 1

            Hi Rodney, funny you should mention DaVinci. I was only looking at youtube tuts last night with the view of making the switch. Seems the latest version, 15, now includes the audio editing suite. I guess this isn't the thread to vent my spleen over my Pr frustrations but I'm pretty angry about this online check every 90 days, especially as I am paying an annual subscription. Photoshop has just this moment done the same thing... except on a different day to Pr (I've been using them both consistently every day), so what's stopping from each Adobe application randomly doing this check on different days? One day when I happen to be online, and then another app on a different day when I'm offline. This is not good and I am not happy about it.