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    HTML drag and drop loaded content

      Hi everyone...i have a annoying issue i cannot get around with the HTML drag-n-drop feature. I am building an application that will loaded images from the web to a div and then you can simply drag them to your desktop or folder. I am using the dataTransfer.setData event as in the livedocs. The issue is that if the image source is "app://image.jpg" i am able to copy the fil via drag-n-drop but if the image is something else like " http://www.somesite.com/image.jpg" i get an error message stating "cannot read from source file or disk"...any help would be great...thanks.

      Also as a quick question....in flash when doing the drag-n-drop feature, when you initiate the doDrag function, the last parameter is the allowedActions option...what do i put in that parameter...i tried "copy" or copy and it didn't work....thanks again for the help in advance.