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    need help finding the library that I have uploaded to the cloud.


      I have a subscription to lightroom and use Lightroom Classic, the deskop version.  However I do synch my ipad with Lightroom mobile and do much editing on my ipad.  I want to go on line and see my actual photos on line  and delete some of them.     Where in the name of heavens are they?!!   And how to I locate them!!!   I cannot find any help or anywhere logically where they might be. I found them a few weeks ago  by finding a link on a forum somewhere but I lost the link.  This seems unreasonably difficult.   Not one bit user friendly and no clear directions anywhere on the site  on how to navigate this.  Can anyone help me?  Detailed and step by step. So frustrated..  This should not be so difficult . We are not all computer savvy and some basic processes should be explained through Qs and As.