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    New Physic Engine - User Review

    KingDruid Level 1
      Well unfortunately this has not been the greatest last 2 days I've had.

      I have been testing out the new Physics engine in Director 11.
      In Havok you had
      havok.makeMovableRigidBody(modelName, mass, isConvex)
      isConvex was very important for me because I have different games that have to have a rigidbody either in another or attached to it with a spring. In this new Physics engine when you tell it:
      TestRB = PhysicsWorld.createRigidBody("testrb","test", #convexShape, #dynamic)

      The rigidbody is more like a square. To test it out and make sure I wasn't doing something wrong I did the following:

      Create a Tube with a Cylinder in it. Now in Havok I would just need to make them both Convex Rigidbodies and the cylider would roll in the tube. With the new Physics engine no matter how big I make the Tube and how small I make the Cylinder it flips out and goes crazy because it thinks it is in the rigidbody.

      The next thing I tried was springs and a linear joint. Well I don't know if I tested it enough because for some reason after trying it once and reseting the world and telling the physic object to destroy itself, the rigidbodies never move again. I have to restart Director for the rigidbodies to start responding again, even though I deleted all the spring and joints in my script and reset everything. So from what I noticed with both items is no matter what POINTA and POINTB are they just stay stuck together...

      So that is my brief first impressions of Director 11's new Physics engine. I guess Ill have to stick with Havok which sucks because it is not compatible with all the systems now.