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    Map numbers in application code

      In the Help project I inherited, the Help map ID numbers were evidently changed to match those already in the application. The app developer and engineers here don't understand where the numbers come from--the Help as been around for 10 years. The developer isn't familiar with the terms "map ID," "map file," or "map number." Where can I find the map IDs/map files in the application code, which is in C++? I have looked in the application source files and cannot locate them. Any ideas?
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          RoboWizard Level 4
          Hi there

          Just an observation. Your developer may know these as "Header files".

          Cheers... Rick
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            For what it's worth ... We use Visual C++ and the map numbers are put into "commonres.h" (common resources header file). I don't know if this is a default name or not. All of our help was originally WinHelp and HTMLHelp was patched into that.

            I don't use this file though. I use RoboHelp's BugHunter to find the IDs from the application and create my own header file for the Help.

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              RHGrace Level 1
              Thanks for the replies, Rick and John! I still need to ask my developer about the header files. I've searched all the source files and cannot find the ID numbers.

              BugHunter works great! While I would like to have a report of all ID numbers, the associated naming conventions might be difficult to get through. I guess it's better to look at each one individually with BugHunter.