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    event everytime component is added to the state

    levancho Level 3
      I need an event that will fire every time component is added to the stage, for example through PopupManager.addPpup or createPopup,
      the problem currently I am experiencing is that add_to_Stage even fires every time, but the first time it does not, because first time component is not fully created yet, so I don't get notification, is there any way around it?

      P.S I could listen to both events creation_complete and add_to_stage but than it breaks whole flow of the system, I need one listener to be involved in this,

      second sub question: does add-to_stage fire after all components childreare created and added as well?

      (as documentaion states that is the case, but then why does add_to_stage does not fire first time component is added to stage?