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    Dynamic link referencing itself - Inception style!

    rafaela66900754 Level 1

      I'm having trouble with a sort of Inception situation here, and couldn't find any similar posts.


      I am working on an edit on Premiere, with titles made on AE.

      The problem is that the edit os not locked yet, and therefore the timing of the titles keep changing.


      So my solution was to create a dynamic link of the Premiere file inside AE, so I could reference and fix details as changes were made to the edit. The Premiere sequence was turned into a guide layer and shouldn't render, just guide me.

      HOWEVER, I may have to make changes the edit to allow proper reading time for the titles. Both are very tied together. So I though about dynamic linking the AE sequence inside Premiere.

      If you do the math, what I'm trying to do is Premiere inside AE inside Premiere. PrDL1 -> AEDL2 -> PrDL1. Inception style.


      But it doesn't seem to work. Neither of the apps will allow me to eventually reference themselves. Is there any workaround this?


      I'm using both the latest releases on the latest update as for today's date.