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    Zooming Thumbnails using Actionscript

      I am a novice user and was wondering if anyone could help me. I am using Flash in Slide Show format.

      I have text on one side of the screen and images on the other. I would like to have the ability to click the images while on the slide and have them zoom in size to fill a large portion of the screen while I discuss them. I would like to then be able to click again and have the image revert to its normal position and size. Some of the images will be movieclips or scrollable images so I would like for any functionality associated with the image to be maintained.

      As I will have numerous slides in the presentation, I was trying to avoid using button commands that I would have to repeatedly create. Any actionscript advice?
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          clbeech Level 3
          well you most definitely need to use a 'button command' in order to effect any change via a 'click' on the image MC - no getting around that - however you 'can' use a single method for all images, and target each button to the method - reducing code, but I'm also not certain if this type of structure will function while running under the slide class - it should if set up properly.

          as far as the 'zoom' part goes the easiest method would be to use the Tween class to scale the image up and down as needed - these statements would be made within the 'global' method you construct and would target the current instance calling the method.