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    Lightroom Classic CC Square Book module will not remember changes to images

    red735i Level 1

      I have almost finished a small square book in LR Classic CC.  I am still doing edits, including image enhancements and photo or page text  changes of wording.  Without a lot of warning, I am unable to make the changes I make "stick".  I make the change, it looks fine, move to the next change.  GO back to the first image page and it is returned to the old text or image changes.  My book is about 50 pages long,  The txt on the page is a few short words.  Image changes include expanding to fit the image into the space or otherwise.

      This has been going on for a fe days, and it does not seem to be related to shutting down the program or computer and rebooting,  I have all the third party enhancement programs turned off.

      V8  Release 1193777


      Any ideas?  This used to work perfectly.....??????