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    Multi-Camera Sequence Color Label Entire Video, and Have That Color Show in Edit

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      For anyone out there who is using the multi-camera editing, is there a way to have the color label show up in individual cuts for the Multi-Camera sequence?  I added an image below to show one of my recent sequences.  The bottom part of the image shows mostly green, and that is the Multi-Camera Sequence.  I did all of that color labeling.  In this case, the video was only around 10 minutes.  The real benefit would be in longer videos.


      I'm using shortcut keys for the labels, and so that is quicker.  But, it would nice for this to be automated.  One thing I figured out is that I can use unsharp mask on a video, and it will show red, as if needing to render.  This helps identifying the cuts, and I can go in and color those for the final run.  But, automatic color labels would be ideal.