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    loadMovie and gif:s

      I've made an app that loads images into the scene w. loadmovie. Since we've only handled jpegs it's never been a problem. Now we have to make it work for gif as well, and I've heard that you can make the gif:s into a swf and still use the loadmovie.

      Do i nead a plugin or somenting for this? How do i do?
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          Rothrock Level 5
          The same way you make anything into a swf: Create a new Flash file, import your graphic, and publish to a swf. But if you are going to go to all that trouble you should just open it in something like Photoshop or Graphic Convertor and change it to a jpg.

          Or if you are publishing for Flash 8 you can also load gif and png files directly.
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            pindus Level 1
            The problem is, I get the images from the webpage dynamically. And the person wnats to load gif-images to the website. So, I cant process them in either Photoshop or Flash.

            Yes I'm using Flash 8, but I can't se the image after it's loaded. But I know it's been loaded.
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              pindus Level 1
              Ok, I worked it out. I had the flash 7 player selected in file > publish settings. Now it works after publishing to flash 8. Thanks for the help.