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    Transfer RAW from Camera to LR on iPhone to PC drives

    Uppi Level 1

      Hi together,

      i have dream, but so far i´m not sure how to solve:

      1) I want to take photos (RAW) with my DSLR

      2) Copy them to the Lightroom CC App on my iPhone (as backup in the field)

      3) Make some first adjustments, flags and stars in the App

      4) Sync via Cloud betweeen iPhone and my PC at home

      5) Copy the RAW files to my PC local drive structure

      6) Connect the adjustments made unter point 3 in my Lightroom classic CC

      7) Make my development on my PC

      8) Share the picture via collections - as usual


      All above points except 5 & 6 are clear for me.

      Can some help me?


      Best regards, Andreas


      P.S: The sync from the cloud to my PC is working, but in a special folder.

      And if if move them form this location to my PC folder structure,

      they are automatically downloaded again from Adobe cloud.

      This works as designed, but does not solve my issue ;-)

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          JohanEl54 Adobe Community Professional

          5) You have to do that manually. Drag & Drop the pictures (in the Lightroom folder panel) to the folders where you want them.

          6) Most adjustments will sync between Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic, but not everything you do will sync. Keywords don't sync, for example.

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            Uppi Level 1

            Hi JohanEl54,

            thank you very much for your quick and precise answer.

            This is exact what i was looking for.

            What a shame that i did not find it by my self.   :-(


            But in fact, until now i never managed my drive folders inside Lightroom,

            which is the base for this simple solution and keeping the link to my seetings.


            The not aligned sync of keywords, i knew and i don´t like, but i have to live with it.

            In fact it would be great to add Keywords of the location or bird or place and be able to use

            in my classic version. As i have almost 100.000 pics in my local database with classic keywords.


            So the workflow is clear and simple now in both directions.


            The only thing i need to solve now is: Shooting 3 weeks RAW picture somewhere abroad,

            will exceed my actual Cloud space of 20GB in the foto abo.


            But this is easy to solve.


            Thanks again, take care,