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    LR corrupts bottom 25 pixels of DNG files from Samasung Galaxy S8+


      I'm using stock camera app on Galaxy S8+, shooting RAW (in DNG format) + JPG.


      When I open the DNG in develop module, I notice the bottom 25 rows of pixels are corrupt/jumbled up with random colours.  This happens on all of my S8+ RAW files when opened in LR.  If I open the same DNG in a different viewer, such as XN View, the image is fine.


      Here is a side-by-side comparison in LR. The in-camera JPG on the left, and DNG on the right:



      When the DNG is exported to JPG, the corruption is also there (but the pattern is different):



      And here is the same DNG opened in XN View (a free batch photo processing tool). The whole image is fine, the bottom 25 pixels are normal:



      For now I'm just cropping the bottom 25 pixels off the images to get around the problem, but wanted to mention it here for the developers to look into as it might be a potential bug.  As a point of interest, my Canon RAW files are not affected by this problem.


      I'm using Lightroom Classic CC (8.0) with Camera Raw (11.0) - both are the latest versions as of this writing, on a Windows 7 64bit PC.