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    Lightroom can't see Network Storage


      I am trying to move original photos from my harddrive to my NAS, but allow the smart previews to stay in lightroom and allow lightroom to manage the location of the photos. 


      When I try to relocate the files though, the dialog box where I would select the destination file does not see the NAS.  The NAS shows up in the finder when I am in finder, but does not show up within lightroom.  It's quite odd as I've done this before with no issue AND lightroom still sees those other files that I previously moved to the NAS.  It's even more odd as lightroom does show the volume within "folders", but it's just when I try to relocate the file, it won't see the NAS to allow me to select the destination.


      I also tried to use the "update folder location" command (which should work just fine), but it just does not see the NAS.  I am on a macbook pro.