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    Back after internal link

      If on slide 50, I propose a link for a glance to slide 10, is there a way to program a return to slide 50 without insering a button on slide 10?
      Thank you!
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi Cathacour

          Is there a way? Sure, you could configure slide 10 to jump to slide 50 when it finished playing. But I'm very doubtful that is what you are looking for, because it would mean that upon initially playing slide 10 it would move to slide 50 the first time through.

          I think a button is probably the best way to achieve it presently. You should alert the development team that you would like to see a way to do something like set a variable or a bookmark, where the user could take a brief detour and return to where they left off. You may do that by clicking here and completing the form you should find there.

          Cheers... Rick
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            Hi Cathacour

            A simple solution would be to duplicate the slide, place it at the end of the presentation, have a hyperlink to it from slide 50 with a built in hyperlink navigation back to slide 50... hey presto job done?
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              jbradley88 Level 2
              For a simple detour, you might be able to just get away with a slidelet on slide 50 that looks exactly like slide 10...