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    alternative to blurb/pdf for books which properly supports 3:2?

    nutmix5 Level 1

      I was pretty shocked when I tried to use the book part of lightroom. All my photos (5DIII & A6000) are 3:2, and cropped perfectly with this ratio (for printing etc).  The majority of the templates in the book module are not 3:2. They are very different, completely ruining the photos.  I cant see any way to edit the templates to create usable ones, so I am looking for an alternative photo (not text) book making SW and print service.


      What do other 3:2 shooters use/recommend?


      Cost is not an issue.  Selection of descent 3:2 mutli-photos per page templates is.


      And it has to deliver to any country in Europe. There are some great USA only book systems, but I cant use these unfortunately.