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    Clearing geographic IPTC data doesn't update metadata filter results

    alanterra Level 2

      This is very strange, and I think it is a new bug in Lightroom Classic 8.0 (build 1193777), or perhaps it is something particular to my computer.


      If I take a bunch of photos with the same value of either Location (= Sublocation), City, State or Country, select them all in Grid view, and clear that field (Location, City, State, or Country), the metadata filter bar does not update with the new values.


      For instance, if I have 4 photos with City = "San Francisco" and I clear that field, the field changes in the inspector panel, but the number of photos with City = "San Francisco" does not change in the metadata filter panel.


      This only happens when I clear the fields Location, City, State or Country. If I clear, e.g., Creator, it works correctly, and if I change Location/City/State/Country to a different value (even a single space), it also works correctly.


      I haven't found a work-around. Optimizing the catalog doesn't change the values in the metadata filter panel, nor does closing the database and reopening it.


      Do other people see this bug, or is it something specific to my setup (in which case I'll do further testing)?