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    TOC + Index from Word issues -- Webhelp - HTML

      Hello All,

      How are you ? I am a newbie to Robohelp ( Using V7 , Webhelp - HTML ). Based on right directions from Captiv8r, I switched to Webhelp - HTML from Webhelp - Word this morning. But, now I am having other issues importing TOC and Index straight from MS Word TOC. Below is the list :

      • When I import TOC as is from Word, I am for some bizarre reasons getting duplicate TOPICs . Only one Topic of the two is included as TOC in WebHelp and other Copy is just there unused!! [This didnt happen to me in Webhelp - Word]

      • Also, TOC's in Webhelp also are importing numbers in Topic from word. The Book and pages are shown correctly but Topic names include numbers. For example. My imported Topics are 1. Restaurant(BOOK) 1.1 American Restaurant(PAGE) 1.2 Asian Restaurant(PAGE).....I instead want Restaurant(BOOK) American(PAGE) Restaurant Asian Restaurant(PAGE).....without numbers [This didnt happen to me in Webhelp - Word]

      • Also, I wanted my Index to be created based on Topics being created from Word TOC. For some reasons, it's not creating Index Automatically...is there anyway I can automate Index creation , just like TOC when importing from word document. [This didnt happen to me in Webhelp - Word]

      • When I use Smart Wizard to create Index Automatically from Topics imported from Word, Smart index does pickup Index titles correctly ( without numers ) but it somehow messes up some of the Index Titles. The last Topic for some reasons has 2 -3 errorneous Index Titles!!

        I spent time playing and reading throught the documentation, couldn't make out what was I missing. Would appreciate if you expert out there can help me out here.

        Thanks in advance,